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    Heute ab 17 Uhr UTC (= 18 Uhr MEZ) findet eine Reise zu Ehren von Stephen Hawking statt. Sie beginnt im System Gaoh von der Hawking Station und wird danach alle Stationen die seinen Namen tragen anfliegen. Beendet wird die Reise um 22 Uhr UTC am schwarzen Loch des Systems HIP 34707. Dort soll jeder Pilot ein bis zwei Tonnen Tee abwerfen - dem Lieblingsgetränk von Stephen Hawking. Jeder Pilot kann die Reise unabhängig durchführen (ca. 1600 Ly). Nur am Anfang und am Ende der Reise soll man sich zusammenfinden.

    So I’ve recently farmed all the mats for guardian weapons and now I’ve finally unlocked them. The thing is, I’ve done this with my little hauler which cant carry any of the weapons I unlocked, and I don’t reslly fancy flying back and forth with my slow combat ship which is currently in the pleiades. I’ve heard that you can outfit the weapons in multiple places after unlock but is this only in stations that have a tech broker or is it all higher-end stations. Eddb doesn’t say anything on guardian module locations. Does anyone know what would be the best way for me to get the modules on my combat ship from here?

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    Has anyone ever come across traffic on a planet surface? I was wondering if there were planets with a surface facility that had NPC ground traffic (other SRV'S) roaming around etc? I've not come across any so far, albeit I'm only a few months into the game and still have A LOT to see and learn Would just be a cool thing to see, similar to when entering star ports and you have other traffic coming and going

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    I have a Follow-On mission, and it says I need to find the missing Power Generators. It says Intelligence believes they are in such-and-such system. I go to the system (no mission updates). I D-scan honk the system (no mission updates). I bring up the FSS and scan every body and every signal (no mission updates). I leave the system and come back to repeat the aforementioned sequence (no mission updates). I have no leads; I even docked at a base there and checked the Contacts and the market; I didn’t know if there were missions like that.

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    A couple hours ago I pre-ordered the CoD Cold War Ultimate Edition Digitally via the website since I was at work, I have never done it this way. I got the confirmation Email and when I went on my ps4 to pre download the beta I noticed that UE didn't show up in my library, further more when I went into the in console store it acted as if I hadn't pre purchased it. Is this normal? Should I be Worried? routerlogin 192.168.l.l

    I got a new lan cable because i thought that my old lan cable is broken because when i try to connect it my ps4 internet connection on lan cable it says "Connect a lan cable to the ps4" even though it is connected. Then when i tried to use my new lan cable it still doesn't work how do i fix this?

    Oh and also when i try to connect using wifi it says that i playstation network sign in:failed

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