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    In this post I would like to share my thoughts on unprepared PVP encounters, some like to call it griefing or being ganked.

    Since I bought this game (4 weeks ago) I have made it my mission to do almost nothing in Solo or Private. And to a certain extend this has worked out fine. My ships are mostly made of paper and optimized for jump range/exploration/cargo. 3 or 5 shots of any gun is enough to take down shields and kill it outright. And the thing is, I accepted this risk. Having a higher jump range means I can things do quicker at the cost of survivability. If I get killed by a PVP player it is not that I will like it, but I knew what I signed up for. I do not get punished a lot for playing like this, and I do not know maybe I should?

    However there are a few things that annoy me. In any economical system there has to be a drive to do something. You do something that is risky and get rewarded for doing so. However killing me 17 times in Deciat because I want to apply "mass manager" on my FSD does not give the PVPer an ingame reward. Sure it could help them gain Elite status faster, but to be honest can you call yourself an elite if you shot a piece of cheese thousand time with a cannon.

    The "reward" might be that a destroyed ship will spawn crafting materials, but that might not be want this PVPer is after so that is not a real reward. So I think the following might make it more interesting. If a player is doing a mission and is caring something (courier data included), when scanning this player you will get an overview of interesting things that might be worth stealing. If this player gets interdicted and destroyed this PVPer had a "legit" reason to attack this player and will get a mission from the opposite parties to deliver the goods at a better price / template reward / etc. This means that in order to complete (dangerous) missions you have to be ready to defend it.

    Now lets say that the player is not carrying anything, has no wanted status and is just flying around minding his own business. For anyone around this player there is no gain in attacking him/her. Attacking this player would so be murder and in doing so increases the bounty and decreases influence from parties in the system you are in.

    This brings us to the next part. Punishment and risk. For anyone attacking a player or NPC there is basically no risk. You can do it in a high security system, by the time the cops have arrived you have done what you want to do and can bug out. I'd say that if you do to many bad things you should get a superpower wanted status. This means that any station depending on the super power alliance will deny docking and send cops after you. Some independent and cooperate stations might also deny docking but not send cops after you. Basically you have chosen to be an outlaw and have lost access to the services that allow you to be an outlaw. I do not know the relationship between the 3 superpowers, but I could imaging that they have some sort of agreements. So if you start screwing things up really badly, I think you should become wanted in all inhabited (powerplay) systems and stations should deny docking.

    Another useful feature would then be the ability for PVP minded players to hunt each-other. If you have become wanted every time you get spotted by the cops / NPC's they will report your location to any bounty hunter in the galaxy. players could then buy this data from stations. I am sure that these players will love the engaging thought that someone could be out there hunting them and be ready for the fight. Getting killed with so many bounties on your head will most likely make them end up in a sidewinder also. What might not be fair, but was it fair to kill that 18h player in his cobra doing hauling missions?