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    I started playing this game 3 days ago and I am having an absolute blast! This morning I earned 500k in 20 minutes and killed my first Anaconda (with some help of course). 220k for one kill! I escaped with no shields and 57% of my hull intact.. fhew what a thrill! Yesterday I had my canopy destroyed and made it back to base with barely a minute left on my life support! Upgraded right away, lol. I love the way this game presents you with danger and challenge! Just wanted to share.

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    I seen a PvE build on YouTube where the guy had all hardpoints except the 2 huge ones were pulse lasers engineered with Rapid Fire and Phasing Sequence experimental.

    He was melting every target. I've been using engineered beams with whichever experimental lowers your ships heat.

    Rapid Fire Pulse lasers with phasing sequence still viable on Corvette?

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