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    Personally I use different species of dinosaurs based on the translation of their Greek or Latin names.

    My Viper MKIII is the ECI149 Deinonychus, the Terrible Claw. The Viper MKIV is the ECI687 , the Heavy Claw, since it's a heavier version.

    And my DBX is the ESS559 >em class="_7s4syPYtk5hfUIjySXcRE">Othneilia. This one is a little different. Othneilia is a now-obsolete taxon for Nanosaurus agilis was named for Othneil Charles Marsh, a paleontologist from the late 1800's. He named a huge number of dinosaurs, and was the first paleontologist to establish the evolutionary link between dinosauria and modern birds. In the same way that dinosauria ruled the earth in their time before evolving to take flight, humans ruled the earth, and took to the stars. Hence "Othneilia."

    My Sidewinder breaks this mold though because I just use it to screw around. It's named the Davin Felth and it's ID is TK-421. Named after the 2 of the 3 Stormtrooper Stooges. Davin Felth being the name of the one that says "Look sir! Droids!" The 3rd stooge would be The Stormtrooper That Bumps His Head On The Door but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

    The other ship IDs I use follow the ship registration used by the MCRN in The Expanse novels and TV series. In it, they use 3 letter 3 number registrations, where the letters identify the drive type, role, and ship type, followed by a 3 digit ID number. For example, the ECF270 Tachi was an Epstein-drive Combat Frigate #270. So ECI is combat interceptor, ESS is survey scout. Then I asked siri for a random number.

    I know I probably put more into it than most. Haha.

    A lot of experienced players probably already know this, but if your a new or semi new player and looking for chemical processors for your FSD upgrades you can go to Dav’s Hope located in Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 A 5 at 44.8180, -31.3893. If you scan the planet with a detailed surface scanner before you will get Dav’s Hope as a checkpoint. I would suggest watching the many YouTube videos about this (:

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    so, die totale Noobfrage, aber ich hab mir grad dieses Destinys Choise Video der UGC angesehen, was ich sehr gut fand, btw, aber da hab ich wieder was gesehen das ich jetzt auch schon in andern Videos gesehen habe.

    Da schießen 2 Eagle mit, so vermute ich, Multi-Cannons 2 andere Schiffe weg. Durch die Schilde.

    Hab ich da was falsch verstanden? Ich dachte Kinetische Waffen machen keinen Schaden an Schilden und sind nur dafür da Panzerung / Rumpf wegzuballern.

    Öhm... war das mal früher nur so und haben die das geändert oder hab ich da tatsächlich die ganz

    e Zeit was falsch verstanden? Denn ich hab, wenn ich nicht nur Laser dabei habe, immer erst mit Lasern (meist Pulse) die Schilde von nem Gegner runtergeschossen und dann mit kinetischen Waffen erst draufgeballert.


    Servus wehrte Kommandantengemeinschaft!

    Ich zocke ED auf der Xbox One nun seit ungefähr anderthalb Wochen.

    Es geht um den Rang bei der Fraktion. Ich habe mich der Förderation angeschlossen. Wie ich weiß, steigt man in der Fraktion durch Aufträge von Abgeordneten der jeweiligen Fraktion. Im Statusbildschirm kann man dann den Zugehörigkeitsfortschritt beobachten. Jetzt mein Problem: die Bezeichnung meines Ranges ist "Keiner", die Fortschrittsleiste zeigt 100% an. WIe steig ich denn? Und fängt man nach Rekrutierung nicht eigentlich dem Namen nach als Rekrut an? Bin ich etwa standeslos? :Dtweakbox appvalley


    I got the game years ago and loved it.. even bought the limited lifetime pass for $180 when it dropped. Then the content started to die off quick and I didn't feel like I got my money's worth for the lifetime pass. It was literally the cost of 3 AAA games and the stuff was pretty bad.

    So some years have passed and I'm curious if any wondrous changes and additions have been made. Is the game more interesting or involved?

    I appreciate all responses. Thanks!tweakbox appvalley

    I know this is a topic discussed here quite often. I hope this post isnt an ad nauseam (?).

    But I personally would prefer atmospheric landings. A lot. In my opinion it would make exploring a helluva lot more worthwhile and fun. It would give me a reason to land on different planets with their different atmospheres and explore some actual terrain, instead of the usual barren rocks we can land on. Sure they can also look great. But they can only be so different. I cant imagine space legs would add much to the game. Im sure if its to be added, there will be meaningfull gameplay reasons behind it. But which? Walking around your ship? Going between A and B by foot in space stations? Walking around instead of driving, on the same barren planets over and over? I just cant see it.

    Whats your guys' opinion?

    Kurze Frage, vielleicht übersehe ich da ja was:

    Ich habe jetzt zwei Planetenscan Missionen erfüllt, bin zum Suchort, habe den Datenpanel gescannt und direkt danach ein Missions-Update erhalten.

    "Offene sysmetrische Schlüssel blabla ... sollten wir so schnell wie möglich nach Hause bringen".

    ich also zurück zum Auftraggeber, aber da kann ich auf dem schwarzen Brett keine der beiden Missionen zurückgeben.

    Was habe ich übersehen?uc browser shareit appvn

    Guten Morgen erstmal !!

    Nachdem ich ja versuche meinen Rang im Imperium zu steigern , fliege ich von A-B und sammel soviele Missionen wie möglich ein , durch um - ausloggen , aber so wie es aussieht scheinen die da was gefixt zu haben ich bekomme im moment nur noch die gleichen Missionen angeboten , gestern gings noch !

    Hat jemand von euch das auch ?:saint:

    I've been working HIP 8444 (Bliss Base) missions pretty hard, paid out a ton of donations (maybe 40-50mil), heaps of transports, etc. Had to get high enough for access to reach Achenar for Tiana. Figured I was on a roll and to keep going.

    Unlike all posts I've read, I have follow-up missions dropping like crazy, the problem is I complete them, and the rank doesn't appear. I've completed about 7 or more but have only ranked up twice (now Knight). Due to the huge waste of time I'll move on to other activities.

    I've logged it with Frontier but here are a couple of scenarios I've experienced.

    3x missions picked up simultaneously, only one rank dropped.

    Completed mission, collected follow-up, no rank dropped.

    Completed mission, did not collect available follow-up, left station, system, game. No rank dropped.

    Anyone else experiencing something like this with any tips? Mobdro

    I have invited a friend to play but considering recent mining nerfs and even upcoming LTD nerfs, I won't be able to persuade him to play as at best he can play for 4 hours at weekends.

    While there are some good fightning contracts, they do not give you that much money and usually won't cover rebuy and/or repair.

    It will takes ages to grind this way and I have no options to share either credits or equipment with him unless FDev secretly implemented that.

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    It seems as though the smart thing to do is as follows, at least for medium and large ships; small ships are more sensitive to weight issues and lightweight becomes more important:

    1. PvP/AX gets all Heavy Duty/Deep Plating on bulkheads and HRPs. Shields get Reinforced/Fast Charge, boosters get Heavy Duty/Super Capacitors. This is to maximize absolute strength and screw resistances.
    2. PvE gets various resistance mods on bulkheads, HRPs, shields, and boosters; no Heavy Duty, Super Capacitors, or Deep Plating. Strictly Thermal/Kinetic/Blast Resistant, Resistance Augmented, etc., to boost resistances as high as possible, with less concern for absolute values, given the fact that NPCs only carry PAs a very small percentage of the

    Is there any real debate about this? Maximize thermal and kinetic resistances for PvE, make sure your explosive resistance is not absolute shit but otherwise it's much less important than thermal or kinetic, and don't really worry about absolute values or boosting thermal/kinetic/explosive integrity?