• Ich habe es gerade gecheckt, das Exploring funktioniert wieder, und die gescannten Daten sind nach einem logout und login weiterhin vorhanden.

    Allerdings sind (noch nicht) alle Daten von den letzten Tagen vorhanden. Ich hoffe, die kommen wieder...

    Viel Spaß beim weiter fliegen.


  • Ja im englischen Forum stehts auch:

    We have identified and deployed a fix for body scans not being stored after completing scans of the system. This appears to have been a bug from changing the servers for storing the exploration data. Exploration data is by far our biggest data set and is currently sitting at around 67 million lines, so needed to be upgraded to maintain a reasonable level of performance.

    We will now investigate restoring the scans that we can from the past few days (since the start of the upgrade alongside the 1.4 release). If the data has been sold then we won't be able to recover it for the galaxy map, but any 'first discovered by' bodies won't be affected. You can rescan the system to add it back to your galaxy map.

    Once we have a process it is likely to take some time to run, but in the meantime you can continue your journeys and the scans should be properly recorded.

    Thanks for your patience on this!