Woche 18 ab dem 01.10.2015

  • Objectives google doc: https://docs.google.com/docume…lV2Rw69MqjJ6hhoLPcg/edit#

    The following objectives are suggested but recommended actions. Pilots are not obligated to follow it but accomplishment of the objectives will be beneficial for the power overall.

    UPDATED 1 Oct, 7:30 UTC

    Preparation: Priority

    Expansion: No Targets

    Fortification: Priority

    Undermining: Not recommended

    Good work everyone who helped out fortifying our systems, all of you have my respect. We were able to fortify all but one of our systems and due to that we were able to climb out of turmoil. However, due to the undermining against us, we weren't able to prevent losing our two of our four systems in turmoil last turn. Still, it was a good effort from everyone.

    (Woyo Mina was overfortified due to the visual bug showing everyone 0% fortifications. The amount of wasted merits put into Woyo Mina would have been enough to get us perfect fortifications. Hopefully, something will be done about that bug soon)

    I don't recommend retaking Kelin Samba, Kalana (and Kwatsu) due to the sheer amount of merits they require to fortify. They may be high-profit but they ultimately cost us merits to fortify other systems which in turn cost us CC.


    186 CC

    Prepare HIP 116045. We will retake it. HIP 114709 can wait.

    Do not prepare anything that is farther than 110 ly unless you can guarantee that you or your group can fortify that system every week. Optimal distance is approximately 91 ly


    No targets


    Full list of priority systems arranged in order of importance:

    Kelin Samba
    HIP 105391
    HIP 95256
    Cailli (platform only)
    Aurawala (platform only)
    LTT 1289 (short range)
    Kapoongzi (short range)
    Yan Musu
    Hotototo (platform only)
    Conii (platform only)
    Gabjaujis (short range)
    Wababa (short range)
    Doolona (short range)
    Halbara (short range)
    Asvincegin (short range)
    Di Yomi (short range)
    Kaukamal (platform only)
    Ch'eng (short range)

    Other relevant systems due to being either a trade system, counter for merit grinding systems or a home base for a player group

    Theta Octantis

    Non-priority systems that are easy to fortify with an income that is not too low

    Wonomi (platform only)
    Erisha (platform only)

    fortify systems from top to bottom; if you have a small/medium ship, start with platform only systems

    Fortification in order of priority (in case the list is not up-to-date):

    Systems already undermined/Systems that were undermined last turn.
    Systems being undermined (fortification is less than undermining)
    Platform only systems (for small and medium sized ships only)
    Systems close to HQ (faster, easier - we can get more done faster)
    Systems being undermined (fortification is greater than undermining)
    Systems far from HQ (more difficult to fortify)

    Tip 1: Avoid fortifying systems with a radius income less than 62 unless specified. (actual radius income is upkeep if undermined minus standard upkeep)

    Tip 2: Toggle between economic route and fastest route to reach most distant systems without the need to refuel.

    Tip 3: For large ships, it is less time consuming if you replace some cargo space with a fuel tank.

    Do not fortify the following (we need them undermined for contingency):

    Woyo Mina (52 actual profit)
    Karakasis (52)
    HIP 116710 (44)
    Kanuket (43)
    Okua’gsa (36)
    CD-68 29 (36)
    Grebegus (31)
    HIP 10786 (28)
    Clido Pi (25)
    Daibo (25)
    Shapsugabus (16)
    Panganau (11)

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.