Woche 16 ab dem 17.09.2015

  • Objectives google doc: https://docs.google.com/docume…lV2Rw69MqjJ6hhoLPcg/edit#

    The following objectives are suggested but recommended actions. Pilots are not obligated to follow it but accomplishment of the objectives will be beneficial for the power overall.

    Preparation: Turmoil

    Expansion: Secondary

    Fortification: Primary

    Undermining: Primary

    We were hit with undermine sniping and we've identified two Winters commanders involved in the act of aggression against us. This may call for retaliatory action so requesting all available commanders to stand-by for undermining targets.

    Because of the undermine sniping against us by Winters, we entered turmoil when we otherwise would have not. The two affected systems are at risk of loss if we cannot get our CC out of the red. Our current galactic standing has dropped from #1 to #4.

    We have one expansion option that is far from possible opposition, so expansion is secondary. All available combatants are requested to stand-by for undermining targets. All fortifiers may begin as soon as the turn starts prioritizing the systems listed below. Requesting all Aisling commanders to focus efforts on undermining (targets to be called, please stand-by) and fortifications (to avoid marginal CC which was our problem last turn). If you are capable of hauling fortification materials, please help there and leave combat to our pure-combatant pilots.

    We need to fortify as many of our systems as possible this turn


    Turmoil, no possible preparation options


    Camundju - secondary priority due to it's location which is far from opposition and favorable ratios. Let people who are outside of reddit handle expansions.


    The following systems need to be fortified immediately to avoid last minute rushes (the faster we finish these systems, the easier it will be to address undermining against us):

    arranged by order of priority:

    Kelin Samba
    HIP 105391
    HIP 95256
    Cailli (platform only)
    HIP 114585 (turmoil, fortification status will not update properly in the control tab)
    Aurawala (platform only)
    LTT 1289 (short range)
    Kapoongzi (short range)
    Gabjaujis (short range)

    (full list on on the google doc linked above)

    fortify systems from top to bottom; if you have a small/medium ship, start with platform only systems

    Fortification in order of priority (in case the list is not up-to-date):

    Systems already undermined/Systems that were undermined last turn.
    Systems being undermined (fortification is less than undermining)
    Platform only systems (for small and medium sized ships only)
    Systems close to HQ (faster, easier - we can get more done faster)
    Systems being undermined (fortification is greater than undermining)
    Systems far from HQ (more difficult to fortify)

    Tip 1: Avoid fortifying systems with a radius income less than 62 unless specified. (actual radius income is upkeep if undermined minus standard upkeep)

    Tip 2: Toggle between economic route and fastest route to reach most distant systems without the need to refuel.

    Tip 3: For large ships, it is less time consuming if you replace some cargo space with a fuel tank.

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.