Woche 15 ab dem 10.09.2015

  • Objectives google doc: https://docs.google.com/docume…lV2Rw69MqjJ6hhoLPcg/edit#

    The following objectives are suggested but recommended actions. Pilots are not obligated to follow it but accomplishment of the objectives will be beneficial for the power overall.

    Congratulations everyone, we currently hold the #1 position among all galactic powers with a very tight difference from our two runners up. We have a standing value of 78% while Hudson and Arissa both have a standing value of 77%.

    Operation Nemain was ultimately unsuccessful and we had to take in Panganau as a control system. However, that should not distract us from the dedication of our participating operatives who not only sacrificed 2 weeks worth of rating 5 salary but also access to our prismatic shields for a month. A detailed write-up and operation report will follow within the next two days.

    if you participated as a main operative (defected to oppose) or support operative (rerouting commanders hauling expansion goods) but was not listed (or was listed in the wrong category), please immediately inform me via message.


    We have a reasonable CC of 104 and thus we can prepare and focus on one decent system:

    Three options all with downsides.

    System (Radius Income) - Remark
    HIP 9052 or Camundju (75/76) - platform only so it's going to be harder to keep at #1
    HIP 8119 (76) - 161,698.42 ls to the nearest station but is under 40 LY from Cubeo (low fortification trigger)
    Tepitara (69) - It has been a preparation target for several weeks in the past. A very conservative option.

    All 3 systems are located in the back end of our territory, far from possible underminers.

    The system with the highest preparation value in 24 hours will be our main target.


    There are no available systems for expansion.


    The following systems need to be fortified immediately to avoid last minute rushes:

    Arranged from easiest to hardest to complete

    Kalana (Priority)
    Kelin Samba (Priority)
    Cailli (platform only)
    Theta Octantis (short range)
    Wababa (short range)
    Doolona (short range)

    (full list on on the google doc linked above)

    comment all fortification updates here

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