Woche 14 ab dem 03. September

  • This was the week of the great experiment.

    The result: We are not in turmoil.


    This week we risked going into turmoil in an effort to avoid expansion into the bad systems prepped last week (while our per system CC was incorrectly capped). We did this by deliberately not having sufficient CC to expand into these systems.

    This week's standings (and CC balances) follow:

    A Lavigny-Duval (221 CC)
    Aisling Duval (27 CC)
    Edmund Mahon (1183 CC)
    Felicia Winters (79 CC)
    Zachary Hudson (482 CC)
    Denton Patreus (413 CC)
    Li Yong-Rui (-982 CC, Turmoil)
    Archon Delaine (428 CC)
    Pranav Antal (154 CC)
    Zemina Torval (163 CC)

    Congratulations to everyone for a successful precision fortification turn. Special thanks to /u/CMDRKMG and /u/thatdude90210 for self-undermining CD-68 29, Karakasis, and Okua'gsa. Our success this turn is largely due to their dedicated efforts. As a result of this, none of the bad expansion systems succeeded and we remain at 60 control systems.


    We have a very low CC of 27. This should prevent any more unwanted systems from being prepared. The low CC also prevents us from preparing anything useful this turn again.


    Expansion is strictly prohibited. Panganau will give us a net CC of -74.

    It has an actual radius income of 11, an upkeep of 23, and an undermined upkeep of 34.

    Should we end up capturing Panganau, it will be near-impossible to get rid of it due to it's low undermined upkeep (There are 4 other systems with STANDARD UPKEEP higher than 34 and they get canceled every turn).

    We have two ways to deal with this:


    Aim for low CC or turmoil again like what we did last turn.
    Oppose Panganau though self-undermining and asking for assistance from other powers.

    Both options are difficult. Low CC/turmoil will require extreme precision and will limit our CC again for next turn (no preparations again). Opposing Panganau with it's low success threshold will mean we will need to put in hundreds of thousands of points to successfully stop it (we can fortify to decent and usable CC for turn 15).

    Both are possible and we need to be very organized to succeed. Please discuss these options here.


    While we are discussing on which action to go with, we can start with fortifying these systems:

    Kelin Samba
    HIP 105391
    Cailli (platform only system)

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.