• We will force turmoil this turn to instantly fail all expansions. Our fortification targets will be limited and controlled - follow the targets strictly and do not deviate. We need a deficit that is not too close to 0 CC (Galnet value + 301 CC should not exceed 30 CC).

    Duro was registered as undermined (this may be caused by glitched undermining like Syntheng), if you have screenshots of values before turnover, post them on this thread (r/AislingDuval).

    Mahon supporters opened a bug report thread requesting FD to clear out our expansions this turn due to the nature of the bug that caused the terrible list. Put a comment in so it can get dev attention. (Links in 1.1 Summary). For now, while a response from FD is uncertain, we will still aim to go into controlled turmoil.

    1.1. Summary of Main Objectives
    Bug Reports
    Kwatsu was lost during the turnover which shouldn’t have happened. We fortified enough to keep our turmoil systems. Please submit tickets to FD. (Bug Thread) (QA Team Response)
    CMDR Vectron (Mahon) was kind enough to open a thread for us requesting a proper resolution to the bug from last turn disabling us from preparing system which cost more than 61 CC until late in the week. (Bug Thread by CMDR Vectron) (Bug Thread from last week)

    No systems to expand.

    Long distance/High volume ships: Kelin Samba, Kalana (full list below; do not fortify anything else for now)
    Small to medium ships: Cailli, Aurawala (full list below; do not fortify anything else for now)
    Short distance ships: If you cannot reach long distance targets, do not fortify, help out with preparations.
    Visual representation of fortifications status (chart by XCaliber_Elite)
    Stop fortifying at 100%.
    Do not fortify unwanted systems.

    45 CC, not enough to prepare any good system unless we can contest Duro being undermined.

    Combat (Guardian Angels)
    Aisling’s Angels will honor 13th Legion’s Ceasefire with Federation powers. This does not mean undermining of other powers is disallowed for this turn. (If you wish to contest this decision, please read the terms of the ceasefire and provide proper and reasonable arguments.)
    Do not undermine 1) Imperial Powers, 2) Federation Powers
    Lethal force authorised. Details here.

    1.2. Additional Optional Objectives
    Send in your suggestions for preparation systems in Turn 12 (Suggestion Form)
    There are bug report threads relevant to Aisling Duval over in the Frontier Forums, join the discussion there. See the Additional Notes section for the links to the threads. Keep them active to attract dev attention.
    Visit and converse in the other threads put up in other forums to maximize exposure. See Additional Notes.

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.