Powerplay-Ziele Woche 12

  • Erster :-P

    Wir sind raus aus dem Aufruhr!!! Endlich hat die Olle kein Defizit mehr...
    Quelle: https://docs.google.com/docume…9MqjJ6hhoLPcg/edit?pli=1#

    Aktuelle Ziele:

    Preparation - Primary
    Fortification - Secondary
    Expansion - Not Possible
    Undermining - Tertiary

    1.1. Summary of Main Objectives

    Bug Reports
    - Kwatsu was lost during the turnover which shouldn’t have happened. We fortified enough to keep our turmoil systems. Please submit tickets to FD.

    - No systems to expand.

    - Long distance/High volume ships: (Kwatsu), Kalana, Kelin Samba
    - Small to medium ships: Cailli
    - Short distance ships: Theta Octantis, Wababa, Doolona (Nearby systems with actual radius income > 62; upkeep undermined - upkeep)
    - Stop fortifying at 100%.
    Do not fortify unwanted systems.

    - Isiti
    - Yen Hsini
    - If Kwatsu is reinstated and Syntheng is rightfully removed, then we will replace one of these two with Syntheng.

    Combat (Guardian Angels)
    - Clear the skies of any control systems being undermined.
    - Clear the skies of any expansion systems being opposed.
    - Lethal force authorised.

    1.2. Additional Optional Objectives

    Send in your suggestions for preparation systems in Turn 12 (Suggestion Form)
    There are bug report threads relevant to Aisling Duval over in the Frontier Forums, join the discussion there. See the Additional Notes section for the links to the threads. Keep them active to attract dev attention.
    Visit and converse in the other threads put up in other forums to maximize exposure. See Additional Notes.

    2. Important Notices

    Fortification in order of priority:
    1. Systems already undermined/Systems that were undermined last turn.
    2. Systems being undermined (fortification is less than undermining)
    3. Platform only systems (for small and medium sized ships only)
    4. Systems close to HQ (faster, easier - we can get more done faster)
    5. Systems being undermined (fortification is greater than undermining)
    6. Systems far from HQ (more difficult to fortify)
    Specific targets in groups of 3 are listed below.
    Tip 1: Avoid fortifying systems with a radius income less than 62 unless specified.

    Do Not Fortify (Turn 11: avoid fortifying these systems before wanted systems are complete) (arranged from most allowable to least allowable):
    Anything that is already 100% fortified
    Lambda 1-Tucanae and Karsuki Ti
    Woyo Mina (56 actual profit)
    Karakasis (52)
    HIP 116710 (44)
    Kanuket (43)
    Okua’gsa (36)
    CD-68 29 (36)
    Grebegus (31)
    HIP 10786 (28)
    Clido Pi (25)
    Daibo (25)
    Shapsugabus (16)

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  • Preparation

    -With the severe lack of options for us, preparation options will have 2 criteria this turn:

    Systems candidates located on the upper half need to have a potential profit greater than 62.1 (likely to always be undermined)
    System candidates located on the bottom half need to have a radius income greater than 62.1 (potential profit can be less than 62.1)

    The upper half consists of systems above Cubeo and facing the Federation while the bottom half is the opposite.

    We will start the week with only 2 preparations:

    Yen Hsini - a profitable platform only system - will also disrupt and exploit imperial slave trading in Nunus.
    Isiti - an orange system located with a radius income above 62.1 located in a region where not much undermining is experienced.
    We will wait to see which systems will be our merit grinders before adding a third option.

    IF, Kwatsu is reinstated AND Syntheng is rightfully removed, then we will replace one of these two with Syntheng. However, let's start with what we can do for the mean time.


    Same as always, start with Kwatsu (when we get it back - please help contest this with me), Kalana, and Kelin Samba.

    Those who cannot reach the three systems should start with Theta Octantis, Wababa, and Doolona.

    While those with small and medium sized ships should proceed to fortifying Cailli

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.

  • Schon wieder ein Bug bei unserer schönen Prinzessin. FD scheint sie nicht so sehr zu mögen... that sucks!

    Zusammenfassend: Perparation/Vorbereitung ist aktuell nicht erwünscht, da die Kosten falsch berechnet werden. Statt dessen solle man sich der Fortification/Verstärkung widmen!

    Preparation is bugged (we have a ceiling prep cost of 61 CC), stop collecting preparation materials and proceed to fortifications.


  • Ja, ich dachte gestern Abend schon ich sei zu blöd zum Vorbereiten. Hatte 272 Tonnen von ihren Medienmaterialien an Bord und konnte sie weder in Isiti noch in Yen Hsini abgeben. Es war zum Verzweifeln... :oops:


    FD has unblocked our preparation cap allowing us to prepare this turn. However, given that there is only around 2 days left for the cycle, it would be unwise to attempt to kick out the top 5 systems. Doing so will cost us 45,478 -79,542 merits worth of materials which we could use more in fortification.

    Do not prepare any system, continue with fortifications.

    We will force turmoil next turn when the prep systems this turn are up for expansion, forcing them all to fail.

    There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.

  • Könnte FD eigentlich mal nen kleines Gimmick gucken lassen, für den ganzen Mist der letzten 3-4 Wochen. :x

  • Jap, Aisling hats diesmal frontal erwischt was die Bugs in PP angeht, von einem zum nächsten.
    Was für ein Schmu.... >_<

    Hoffe die biegen das irgendwie wieder hin, so wie bei Winters. >_>
    Bin ja gespannt was sie da machen werden, wenn sie denn was unternehmen.