What is the best “buckyballing” technique?

  • First… I know all about the Buckyball Racing Club… please don’t lecture me on that :-)

    What I’d like to know is exactly what people mean when they talk about “buckyballing” in a more general context.

    Is it simply going from system to system without stopping to explore, or does the term describe a more specific technique that minimises the time spent in each system?

    The technique I use is: angle away from the main star immediately while watching the FSD cooldown meter, hitting the supercruise as soon as it’s available, and then angling back to the next destination. This way, I shop to minimise the slowdown effects of that star’s gravity. Also, if I remember, I’ll Discovery Scan the system while waiting for the FSD cooldown to finish.

    But if anyone has an even better method, please let me know.