New fight CG in LHS 3447

  • Have a nice Friday evening : sm29:

    The weekend is just around the corner.

    Since yesterday there has been a lot to do for us PILOTS.

    : sm25: Since yesterday there is again a new CG in ED-UNI : sm25:

    One starts in the SYSTEM LHS 3447 *** station: Dalton Gateway

    Runs from Thursday, June 29th, 2017

    Approach to the destination station: approx. XXX lS approx. XX minutes per approach

    Running time left: 05 days 21 hours 33 minutes

    for fighters: turn off evil NPCs

    679 participants

    Earned 529,524,830 credits

    Level 2 reached.

    Top 10% are currently: 2,400,000 credits

    See you at ED-UNI.

    With best regards