Encountering Mitterand Hollow...by mistake

  • So here's what happened: I was trying out mining for the first time, didn't manage to get a full load of minerals but real life was calling, so I looked for a carrier in a system nearby where I could sell my Tritium. Lo and behold, fleet carrier "Orion's Reach" was sitting in Epsilon Indi, purchasing Tritium at double the market price! Don't mind if I do - so I moseyed on over there.essay writer

    After arriving and supercruising over to the general area of the fleet carrier, I began to realise something strange - the target was moving way too fast. And then it clicked - the moon it was orbiting was Mitterand Hollow, famous for orbiting its planet so quickly that you basically have to orbit in the opposite direction in order to land or drop out of supercruise there. And catching it is no joke!

    So yeah, that's basically how I stumbled across a well-known orbital phenomena without even intentionally looking for it. If any of you haven't done so yet, I'd definitely recommend trying to "catch" Mitterand Hollow for yourselves - if only to enjoy watching planet-rise and planet-set at a rapid pace.