Thank you, DSSA Eleanor

  • I left the bubble a month ago and have been inching my way towards Beagle Point. After a long session, I found myself within 7,000ly and decided to log off.

    I don’t know why I developed this compulsion but I can’t log off in space — I have to find a landable body to set down on. So I did that. Found a completely normal, low-G moon and swooped down for a landing. And due to no reason other than my own negligence, I completely misjudged my entry speed and THWACK! Hit the surface hard. Popped my shield and lost 80% of my hull. Thought I was a goner for sure.

    Now, the odds of me doing that again before reaching the finish line are pretty slim. But I still felt, like, deep anxiety about continuing to fly in that condition (I’m carrying 350+ mil in scan data and haven’t docked since Colonia). I’d probably quit the game for a while if I died that far into the journey.

    But lo! A mere 1,000ly away: a beacon of hope and forethought! The DSSA Eleanor was sitting dutifully in orbit of a lonesome star at the edge of the Abyss, waiting for dumb-asses like me in need of repairs and shelter.essay writer

    I’m now healed up, back on track, and less than 20 jumps from Beagle Point. I’m going to make it!

    Big ups to the Deep Space Support Array and the owner of the fleet carrier Eleanor. Truly amazing player initiative. Y’all saved my ass and peace of mind.

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