New player enjoying it so much!!

  • I own ED since 2015 but I only played like 4 hours before going "nope, this is way to hard, I understand absolutely nothing, I'm off" and I never touched it again before today, in 2020.

    What made me change my opinion? Well, this subreddit, internet, all this stuff... But also the fact that I own an Oculus Rift S since December and that I'm loving VR, and this game has been recommended to me loads of times.

    So I decided to give it a try, I bought an entry level HOTAS (the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X, and for the price it's amazing) because I only had a joystick from microsoft sold in 1995 with flight simulator (Pro Precision, I think?), and launched the game for the first time this morning

    Boom. What a blast. This game, is an absolute experience in VR. I played a bit without the headset (and it was still super cool), but this feels so different in VR!

    I was able to do some missions (only the deliver data or bring X materials to X place) and even buy myself a Cobra MKIII, I'm really proud of this! I changed my HUD colors, I love them (even if now I clearly can't recognize anything on the radar, but that was already the case before haha)

    I have so much to learn, but I enjoy doing what I want! I'm still in the newbie zone, I'm a bit afraid of going out since I'm only playing in multiplayer mode, and there's like so much things I don't understand/know...omegle xender

    I also plan to buy the Horizon DLC once I'll be able to save some money, but probably in a while.

    I must admit it's still a super hard game(trading, mining, combat, and even exploring looks hard to me, I don't even know how I'm supposed to gain money/ranks from exploring...), I'm really afraid of fighting, and I'm still trying to understand which buttons does what (I can enable features that I don't even know what's their purpose) on my joystick haha, but it's fun!