Should Fleet Carrier Owners get Paid for the Advertisements Shown When You're in an FC Hanger?

  • One day, I was sitting in my fleet carrier preparing to go do some mining and I noticed that there is the type of advertisements for different ship manufacturers and such like you see in stations in the hanger of the FC and I thought to myself, "If my fleet carrier is showing ads for ship manufactures and propaganda for different superpowers, why am I, the owner, not getting paid by the companies/superpowers to show these advertisements." It would make sense and I think it would be a valid way to make some credits to help pay for upkeep. And to make sure people just don't use it to get free money, maybe lock those credits earned by advertisements to only be able to be used for upkeep/maintenance costs, since that's what that money would be realistically used for. I'm curious to hear your thoughts and opinion on this topic, especially what other fleet carrier owners feel about this.omegle xender