SRVs could use an overhaul

  • It's hard to even know where to begin with the issues I have with them. The turning is a big one. The SRV turns too sharply for its traction to handle, causing it to spin out. Constantly. On top of that, it seems to have suspension outdone by cars made today. Even small rocks will cause the entire SRV to slam to a halt. In Guardian ruins, the bumps in the architecture constantly catch on any part of the vehicle. There's also the lack of a yaw function when flying, which makes controlling the SRV while airborne difficult as all hell.essay writer

    All of this would be bad enough if SRVs could actually handle Horizons terrain. And yet, mountainous or canyon regions exist en masse. Geological activity areas spawn in them with frustrating frequency. The SRV is completely incapable of handling terrain this rough, even on low G planets. On high G planets, it's basically impossible. This could be avoided if geological sites were only placed on flat-ish terrain, or if they flattened out the nearby area around them. It's not hard to end up in a scenario where your SRV is at the bottom of a canyon with no way out.