As a bounty hunter I ask the pirates. How will you handle the PKers.

  • It comes up a lot, folks worrying about griefing and PKing and what not. Its going to happen, its what the game is built around in lore. There are tons of guys and gals that want to be pirates. Folks think that being a pirate is a automatic PKer and thats just not true.

    For my Pirate friends just killing folks is bad for business for tons of reasons, and just bad sport. Its not their bag and honestly its a good way to get heat, and then killed. As a hunter I can see a ton of reasons why the folks are bad to have around.

    I would love to get some commentary from guys that are going to be pirates as this is going to quickly become your problem as much as mine. Also to help break the stigma that pirates=PKers griefers.

    My question is the game will be filled with folks at the begining that will conduct themselves a fool. Thus be forced into pirate space. As a hunter I am curious on what the general consensus is from my pirate friends on what the take is on that.