Found something strange today

  • Hello everyone,,

    Even though the title seems like a clickbait it's not entirely the purpose of this post. A little background: I'm currently running a little expedition with some of my friends from the human bubble to the Bubble Nebula (since I never visited it). Our last visit was NGC 7822 Nebula where we saw some gorgeous vistas. Getting to the point, I've plotted the carrier towards the next jump which is Outordy RN-J D9-2. All good until I lift up from the hangar and notice a red nebula or some red clouds that do not appear on the galaxy map (At least if i'm not secretly color blind).

    I'll post some screenshots along with this.


    r/EliteDangerous - Found something strange today

    r/EliteDangerous - Found something strange today

    If anyone knows what's this all about? I'm pretty sure there are no planetary nebula nearby or any other major nebula in proximity to the system. And if it's part of the galactic background I've never seen something like that until now..