Future Plans for my journey into Elite Universe

  • Hello everyone,,

    When Elite and Dangerous first came out I bought it with high expectations but due to my school (universty) and my high expectations I was unable to get into the game ( I didnt like it back then) so I quit the game after couple of days. I didnt refunded the game and for years Elite Dangerous sat in my game library in Steam untouched. A week ago I tried another game during free-fly event (you know which one : ) and I remembered that I got Elite in my library as well. So I dowloaded the game and jumped into it once more.

    This time I loved it. Game run smooth on my old PC hardware, there are lots of things to do if you are solo player and many ways to make good amount of cash. I enjoyed the game a lot so I bought the Horizons expansion too .Beucase that I have very little experience in PVP I skipped that part for now and played the missions etc so far made millions via passanger transporting and other stuff. I am also ranking my character to get into the Sol so I can live close to Saturn (yes I know there are ring planets everywhere but I love Saturn). For now that is plan get into the sol fly around enjoy the view and if markets are good then live there.

    But I do feel like I need a future goal as well cause I am sure after getting into SoL and hanging around that space maybe for a week or a day I will get bored and gonna need new goal. So my question is what should I do after I got into SoL maybe join a clan and hang out with other players, continue making money via missions to buy better ships and stuff or something else.

    I know there are many experienced commanders out there so feel free to share your ideas with a newbie and guide me trough.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english...