How to properly use “Flight assist off”

  • So I’m somewhat new to the game, played a dozen or so hours on Xbox before moving over to PC where I’ve spent the last 2 weeks grinding out cash from mining and trading.

    I finally decided to try combat after outfitting a Krait MK2, and one thing I’ve can’t seem to get the hang of is FA. I have it set to push(to turn off) so I can hold a button, make my sharp turn, and get eyes on target, and release to turn it back on.....but then once I do turn FA back on my ship completely stops/ Or starts reversing?

    Are there any game setting on how to control that? Or is it a game mechanic I need to get used to?


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  • FAoff means that you can turn your ship in any direction without changing the initial thrust direction.

    But it also means that you need a boost for a turn to accelerate your ship in the desired direction. Otherwise you will fly backwards and FAon will try to slowly pick up speed again.

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