Naval Missions should be totally overhauled

  • I just wanted to provide my view on how these could be improved, and even become a fun and enjoyable element of the game.. Introduce a Naval contact after doing enough missions for a specific faction. Each large space station could have one and that's where you'd go. Give the players a new set of missions from easy to hard, based on their current rank. Start off simple, let the player scan incoming ships at the station entrance for like 10 minutes. Eventually after ranking up enough the player would join Naval wings and take on pirates and hostile factions. omegle xender Give us more to work towards, Naval liveries... Unique/Novel weapons you can't buy anywhere else... Just a series of small interesting things that keep us interested in being in the Navy. I dunno, maybe even throw a new SRV in there or something? Have the trade off be that, while you now have a central location to get missions, they don't pay much and you have to do more and more of them to rank up. Honestly how the game handles it right now feels like such an oversight. I just hope it's not what they intended and we see Frontier revisit the naval gameplay at some point. I want to get a Cutter eventually... But after that grind, I just don't really want to dive into that any time soon.