Character imagination

  • Hello everyone,,

    I would like to introduce myself briefly here. My name is Fakil Kerman and was born on Leesti 3 in 3263. I am happily married and have two wonderful daughters.

    My parents ran a smaller transport company on "George Lucas". That's why I spent half my childhood and all my youth there. It became clear early on that one day I would follow in my father's footsteps and lead the company. But since my parents attached importance to a down-to-earth life for me, they gave me an apprenticeship as a "merchant in federal trade", which I also completed at the age of 21. Afterwards I was able to successfully finish my studies in "Finance and trade of great galactic powers" at the expense of my parents' house. 9apps

    In 3287 I was promoted to "George Lucas" and worked for Allianz for 13 years in finance and later in project management for major construction projects.

    Unfortunately my mother died unexpectedly during this time and my father wrote me over his shares of his financially ailing company at the beginning of 3301. In my free time, I started to prove myself as a dealer, curious. I liked it more and more, so a short time later I quit my job at Allianz and I completely concentrated on acting. I especially liked the idea of traveling the countless systems and meeting a number of like-minded people.

    In a short time, I was walking around for many light years until a few weeks ago the pressure from the competition became too great and I had to close the company overnight. What was left was only my loyal "Type-6" and the credits of the company sale.

    But of course I won't let it get me down. Now I have a beautiful cobra and practice bounty hunting. This opens up a new world to me, but the competition here is also extremely tough. But that doesn't stop me from continuing the family tradition of my own company. The route is the goal!