Tried something new last night (for me)..

  • I’ve been running simple courier and delivery missions in my humble Adder for the last 40 hours or so. Has a few adventures, messed around with some mining, few easy pirate mission, touch of exploring and mostly just trying not to die. I decided to try some trade/resource delivery stuff (commodities), so I rigged my Adder for as much cargo as I could (22 tons). I stored my weapons and shields and loaded up as many cargo racks as I could. Yeah, I know 22 tons ain’t much, but to me it’s like starting a delivery business with a 1/2 ton pickup instead of a semi, yeah, slowly earning my way. Once I left Whitson Hub with my load of superconductors and started my warp to Dahan, Nelson Works, it dawned on me that I’m for the most part completely venerable to almost anything. Jumping to a system, I’ve got zero protection from the star. My first delivery was to a planet and I was scared to death of screwing up and cratering myself on the surface, particularly when you’re approaching from the dark side and can’t see anything.

    This game scares the hell out of me (I play in VR) and it’s awesome.

    Just wanted to share as really no one in my household really cares about my “gaming stuff”.

    usps tracking showbox speed test