Planet scan missions

  • That’s their name. But actually I only have to scan a building, the location of which is already indicated and indicated to me when approaching the planet.

    What to do After landing, the SRV 2 Wach-Off drones can be switched off. What is done in 5 minutes from 300 - 400 m away, and then auto clicker

    scan a data point, after which you are then searched in this system.

    If you come back safely to the original system there is a reward of 1.5 million credits and a few crushed for the kill of the "wanted" drones.

    Isn't that a little bit of money for almost no risk? I then pay the minimal bounty to an Interstellar Factors agent somewhere else.

    If I accept a transport mission with a 500,000 Cr reward, then I am almost always interdicted by one or more Anacondas and have to flee.

    The risk is imho much higher. With the planetary scan missions, however, there are many times without risk ??