What ship in Elite is the closest to the Millenium Falcon?

  • I was talking with a friend while playing yesterday, and he started talking about how some of the ships remind him of other famous sci-fi ships. Like the eagle reminding him of a small Klingon Bird of prey, and the Corvette reminding him of a miniature Imperial Star Destroyer.

    Then I jockingly asked "Which one would be the MF then?" and he went completely silent for a while, before listing off every characteristic of the Falcon and debating with himself which ones should be considered to find the E:D equivalent.

    What we got was:

    1. a ship meant for cargo transport. (multipurpose also considered since they can do cargo)
    2. capable of customisation outside of its original purpose.
    3. Very fast Hyperspace (or in E:D, large hyperspace range).
    4. Fast but resilient.
    5. capable of combat.
    6. Medium size.

    He thought the best fit was the Cobra Mk3. I am personally considering between Python and Krait Mk2.

    What are your thoughts?

  • I don't think about such uncompareable applepears. Wich knife is the most spoonlike fork?

    Best Millenium Falcon is the Millenium Falcon.

    ... übrigens ...

    ... Der Kaffeesatz gehört in die Biotonne ...