Returning CMDR because of COVID - I have a couple questions re:settings and empire rank grind

  • I left this game awhile ago when fighter bays were announced and now I'm returning trying to get back into the swing of the game. Looks like there's new cockpit modes, scanner settings, aliens, and weird different engineering things. I'd appreciate it if I could get some help with a few things that I couldn't find online.

    1. Empire Rank Rep grind - I loaded myself up where I left off at HIP10716 doing that well known data transport loop for empire rank grind. I searched online and its a mess of rep++ vs inf++. There's also something about increasing rank faster with superpower monitor thing (I can't find the thread again on reddit)? Any help with empire grind (and federation) would be appreciated.
    2. VR vs. PC - I've been switching between desktop and VR and each time manually redoing the settings. Anyway to save settings for each?
    3. Defending myself - My current set up is mine launcher to run away from being pulled out of super-cruise. Is this still the same or should I be more careful?
    4. Grinds of credits - what's meta now? It used to be long range hauling but I'm seeing old threads about passengers and mining.
    5. Board switching between solo, open, group - is this patched? Some are saying it works others are saying it doesn't. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
  • hi there,

    the list of questions You present is quite a load of information required.

    So please first get an update by various sources on YT, if thereafter are further questions, we gladly will help