Beginner asking for help

  • Hello! the title is not entirely true I have played elite for about a week and I have gotten my hands on a cobra mk3 because I heard its good. However I am still completely lost and only made my money via deliveries for stations. I want to learn mining because I hear its the best money maker and I got a 1D refinery, 1B fuel scoop, 3E cargo rack (8 storage) and a laser drill on one of the medium hard points on my cobra. I thought this was all I needed but I was unable to pick up the tiny bits of rock I mined, I hear I need a limpit.. thing??? I would appreciate it if someone could explain all this to me and which one to buy along with any other advice you can give! I know this post is mostly asking about mining but I'm very new and absolutely any advice you can give me is awesome such as other easier ways to make cash before I should get into mining!