Exploration death to the Sag A and Colonia

  • My first post so appologies. On Console.

    So I decided to go vist Sag A and Colonia around two weeks ago.

    Did around 300 000cr in exploration and codex verifications and had one neutron jump about 260ly left before reaching Colonia and then... panic... what Nooooo.....BOOM... NPC interdiction.

    All gone... and back just outside the bubble. Fck.

    Had some Guardian stuff on board. I assume that is what triggered it. My ship was not build to escape the interdiction. Need to fix those thrusters.

    Got out my first person shooter and shot a few npcs in the head. Much better.

    Assume I'll start again perhaps tonight.

    Sad but it happens.

    o7 and see you in the black

    https://19216811.cam/ routerlogin

  • Moin moin Cmdr viniebenet3,

    Sorry about your loss. But this is what happens. Next time you know better, how to prepare..:sm32:

    By the way, this is a german forum, so most people will expect your postings in german. Just saying..:sm33:

    Fly safe cmdr :sm25: