What names and ship IDs do you have for your fleet and why?

  • Personally I use different species of dinosaurs based on the translation of their Greek or Latin names.

    My Viper MKIII is the ECI149 Deinonychus, the Terrible Claw. The Viper MKIV is the ECI687 , the Heavy Claw, since it's a heavier version.

    And my DBX is the ESS559 >em class="_7s4syPYtk5hfUIjySXcRE">Othneilia. This one is a little different. Othneilia is a now-obsolete taxon for Nanosaurus agilis was named for Othneil Charles Marsh, a paleontologist from the late 1800's. He named a huge number of dinosaurs, and was the first paleontologist to establish the evolutionary link between dinosauria and modern birds. In the same way that dinosauria ruled the earth in their time before evolving to take flight, humans ruled the earth, and took to the stars. Hence "Othneilia."

    My Sidewinder breaks this mold though because I just use it to screw around. It's named the Davin Felth and it's ID is TK-421. Named after the 2 of the 3 Stormtrooper Stooges. Davin Felth being the name of the one that says "Look sir! Droids!" The 3rd stooge would be The Stormtrooper That Bumps His Head On The Door but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

    The other ship IDs I use follow the ship registration used by the MCRN in The Expanse novels and TV series. In it, they use 3 letter 3 number registrations, where the letters identify the drive type, role, and ship type, followed by a 3 digit ID number. For example, the ECF270 Tachi was an Epstein-drive Combat Frigate #270. So ECI is combat interceptor, ESS is survey scout. Then I asked siri for a random number.

    I know I probably put more into it than most. Haha.

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