Empire Ranking Bug (Followup missions drop but do not pay out ranks)!!!

  • I've been working HIP 8444 (Bliss Base) missions pretty hard, paid out a ton of donations (maybe 40-50mil), heaps of transports, etc. Had to get high enough for access to reach Achenar for Tiana. Figured I was on a roll and to keep going.

    Unlike all posts I've read, I have follow-up missions dropping like crazy, the problem is I complete them, and the rank doesn't appear. I've completed about 7 or more but have only ranked up twice (now Knight). Due to the huge waste of time I'll move on to other activities.

    I've logged it with Frontier but here are a couple of scenarios I've experienced.

    3x missions picked up simultaneously, only one rank dropped.

    Completed mission, collected follow-up, no rank dropped.

    Completed mission, did not collect available follow-up, left station, system, game. No rank dropped.

    Anyone else experiencing something like this with any tips?

    https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/