Debate: HRP and shield engineering for PvE versus PvP

  • It seems as though the smart thing to do is as follows, at least for medium and large ships; small ships are more sensitive to weight issues and lightweight becomes more important:

    1. PvP/AX gets all Heavy Duty/Deep Plating on bulkheads and HRPs. Shields get Reinforced/Fast Charge, boosters get Heavy Duty/Super Capacitors. This is to maximize absolute strength and screw resistances.
    2. PvE gets various resistance mods on bulkheads, HRPs, shields, and boosters; no Heavy Duty, Super Capacitors, or Deep Plating. Strictly Thermal/Kinetic/Blast Resistant, Resistance Augmented, etc., to boost resistances as high as possible, with less concern for absolute values, given the fact that NPCs only carry PAs a very small percentage of the

    Is there any real debate about this? Maximize thermal and kinetic resistances for PvE, make sure your explosive resistance is not absolute shit but otherwise it's much less important than thermal or kinetic, and don't really worry about absolute values or boosting thermal/kinetic/explosive integrity?

  • You can pretty much get away with anything in a PVE setting as long as its somewhat engineered to grade 3 for defenses.

    Thargoids require much more. But most of that is patience, timing and durability.

    As for PVP, it all depends on the META. Before the previous changes. High Kentic resistance worked really well for me. Time on Target was king with the occasional PA/TLB.

    Now its all about Plasma Rams. The more Hit Points you have the better. Since plasmas do absolute dmg. You're going to maximize your shield values. Have a hard hull underneath.